F350 Counter "S VISION", the new Friction Feeder with OCS technology.

F350 COUNTER "S VISION"is the evolution of the previous F320 model with the already established OCS technology. Improved both ergonomically and functionally, it has an input size of more than 30mm compared to the previous version and is more compact (narrower than 10mm and much shorter than 300mm). The rotatable display offers greater data visibility and better accessibility to the buttons. It is also more flexible, allowing the housing of a greater number of sensors, with external connections for both activation and error reporting (see technical data).

F350 COUNTER S is perfect for integration with optical sensors, cameras, scanners and sensors to scan every counted product for application in:


-        quality control

-        security counting

-        product tracking

-        mailing fulfilment.


B.MATIC has a long experience in 1D and 2Ds laser scanning applications: in cooperation with a leading Producer or optical detection systems, we can provide the right solution for your job. For reading 1D barcodes range  high performance readers raster type can be supplied to  detect the most common families of 1D barcodes both when the lines are parallel to the product motion direction and when the barcode lines are 90°. 

For 2Ds matrix codes a full range of products sensors is available to accommodate to the required speed, reading field and distance from the product.


Since F350 COUNTER S is controlled by a PLC, it is possible to adapt the machine programming code to your job logic.


ATTENTION: images, movies and literature, refer to earlier version "F320" and are being presently updated. For the characteristics of "O.C.S." technology, please go to the page on "F350 COUNTER S".

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