Products Contafogli doppia testa PROTEC TWIN HEAD ADR 32


PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 is the sheets counter of PROTEC line equipped with two counting heads on ADR 32 high performance technology.

Unlike other technologies available on the market, it counts without curling the corner upwards it does not scratch the sheets, it does not need daily cleaning to prevent ink smears on sheets. 


In addition PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 can count accurately  in case of upwards and downwards deformations with the new "Active Pressers Technology (APT):

 a system of pressers that can be easily activated from the touch panel according to the sheets type, combined with the new stabilizer  "Stabilizer System 4"


The  programming interface is via a large, high-resolution, icon-based touch screen for universal use.
It is an extremely robust machine (850 kg of solid steel) mechanically designed for professional and long-lasting use.

Three versions are offered, depending on substrate weight:


PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 L  from   40 to 300 GSM
PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 H  from 200 to 800 GSM
PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 W from   40 to 800 GSM

The same versions are also produced with single head but keeping the same structure and solutions designed for the security and high security counting.

What's New in PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 
1. "APT" Active Pressers Technology with 16 programs for highly deformed sheets (optional).
2. Built-in knock-ups on the machine table (right and left side).
3. Adjustable clamps according to the size and type of sheets.
4. Opttional table extension.
5. Software with advanced diagnostics and video tutorials for maintenance.
6. Constructive details to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the machine.
7. Latest generation electronics improved with quick wiring and industrial PLC.
8. Yet more robust, with reduced vibrations and increased structural rigidity.
1.  No corner deformation nor scratching with ADR32 technology.
2. Counting speed max 3.000 sh/min. 
3. Counting speed with tabbing practically the same 3.000 sh/min. 
4. Can count on two or on single head.
5. Smooth and robust mechanical movement of the counting head - original B.MATIC solution.
6. Sturdy and wide stainless steel air floatation table with integrated knock-ups to ease the paper handling.
7. Graphical high resolution wide  text free touch screen interfaces.
8. Extremely robust machine structure to reduce vibrations.